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Frontier Semiconductor, USA

Raman Spectroscopy Metrology

Opticial Measurements Techniques -  Raman Spectroscopy Metrology

FSM 127

Optical Measurements Techniques - Imaging Low Coherence Interferometry

FSM 128

Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

FSM 128L

Optical Measurement Techniques - Film Stress

FSM 413

Optical Measurement Techniques - Wafer Thickness

FSM RsL100

Electrical Measurement Techniques - Sheet Resistance and Leakage Current Mapping Tool


Electrical Measurement Techniques - Metal Contamination Testing on Production Wafers


Electrical Measurement Techniques - fully automated product wafer monitor for oxide quality and gate oxide stack evaluation.



Material Characterization - Film Stress and wafer bow measurement


Material Characterization - Integrated Metrology Annealing Chamber

FSM AquaFlex

Material Characterization - Quantitative Adhesion Testing 4 Point Bend

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MTI - Tube Furnace

MTI - Tube Furnace

OTF-1600X-III- is a split-able three-zone tube furnace with Kanthal 1650°C grade SiC heating element,  82mm OD Alumina tube •...

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KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

  The 900 Series features dual load lock, in-line, sputter down, batch systems configured with an optional high vacuum load lock and three or four target positions. •...

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