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QTH Light Source

Light from QTH lamps is emitted by a heated filament. The filament is enclosed in a quartz envelope filled with gases. The spectral distribution is close to that of a blackbody curve with a colour temperature of approximately 3000°K. QTH lamps have a useful spectral output from 300nm to 2.7µm with several advantages: a smooth spectrum without lines, high output in the visible and infrared regions, high temporal and spatial stability, and inexpensive operation.

QTH lamps are standard for photometric applications since they are much brighter than typical IR sources (SiC, ceramic, etc.).For applications where temporal stability is not critical, the high power models can be AC operated. The 120 Hz ripple of AC powered high current bulbs (> 5 A) is well under 1%.The main source of instability is line voltage variation

All components of the system, including the light source and monochromator, can be customized. Available options include:

  • Scientific Grade Lamp Housing
  • Collimated Uniform 1 Inch Diameter Output Beam
  • Supports 50W~1000W Quartz Tungsten Halogen (QTH) Lamps
  • Forced Air Cooled
  • Available Refractive Condensing Optics Attachments
  • Touchscreen Power Supply
  • Vertically Mounted QTH filament Lamp
  • Side Exit Port with Back Spherical Reflector

Optical Configuration

The QTH lamp is mounted in a vertical position with the exit port on the side wall. A back spherical reflector mounted on adjustable alignment pins redirects the rear illumination to the forward exit port thereby doubling the amount of light collected.


QTH Infra-Red Custom Solar Simulator

Using a QTH lamp for iluminate test areas of more than 1 meter with a 1 sun intensity. Know more about our Custom Projects on


QTH on a Tunable monochromatic light Source

Sciencetech also offers a tunable light source with QTH lamp. Learn more about our Tunable Light Source Models

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