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AXIC, Inc. was founded in 1980 as a company to develop surface science equipment for the semiconductor, electronics, and general scientific community.  Initial developments focused on x-ray and electron beam analysis of surfaces for compositional and film thickness analysis. These developments lead to the introduction of a stand alone x-ray fluorescence unit which was easily operated by fab personnel for the measurement of film composition and thickness. AXIC, Inc. now produces 3 XRF systems for coatings analysis in both development and production applications for the semiconductor, magnetic, and superconductor industries.

In 1992, AXIC entered the market of producing laser based reflectometers for the measurement of film thickness, index of refraction, and film absorption properties of transparent/translucent films for the semiconductor, optical and magnetics industries.

Shortly after, AXIC commenced the manufacture of plasma tools for cleaning, photoresist stripping, reactive ion etch (RIE), and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Today these offerings include the MultiMode HF8, PlasmaStar, and BenchMark 800-II. Units are ideally suited for research and development and small scale productions. The plasma tools can be configured in various ways to meet the end users' specific requirements.

It has grown over the years as a provider of high-value low-cost ICP, DRIE, PECVD and Thin Film Solutions.  .






AVS Inc., USA :








说明: Sinter HIP Furnace, 12” x 12” x 48”, 100 bar pressure furnace, tungsten carbide sintering furnace



说明: Sinter HIP Furnace, 15 cubic feet, 60 bar pressure furnace, tungsten carbide sintering furnace




Filmetrics Inc, USA:


Filmetrics - World's Sales Leader in Thin-Film Thickness Measurement

Measure thin film thickness from 1nm to 13mm with a single mouse click using Filmetrics products. Virtually any material can be measured, and intuitive design means that you can be taking your first thin-film thickness measurements in minutes!

Filmetrics measure thin-film thickness by analyzing how light is reflected by the film. By analyzing wavelengths beyond those visible to the human eye Filmetrics can measure nearly all non-metallic films greater than 100 atoms thick.  And because there are no moving parts, results are available in seconds: film thickness, refractive index, even roughness!


Why Filmetrics is the #1 Choice

Filmetrics has been helping industry leaders’ measure thin-film thickness since 1995, and more of Filmetrics systems are being used in affordable thin-film thickness measurement applications than any other. In fact, Filmetrics is the only company that stocks a thin-film thickness measurement system for almost every need. With six offices around the globe, our support team provides 24-hour thin-film measurement assistance.













In 1998 KDF acquired the MRC batch and etch product lines from Tokyo Electron thus increasing our presence in hundreds of fabs and facilities around the world. To meet our customers ever changing business demands and needs, KDF continues to invest in improving the batch product line along with increasing the size of the equipment to accommodate today’s large-scale devices. KDF has designed , engineered and manufactured ten new product line batch tools since the original acquisition from MRC/TEL, these new tools allows customers to scale up to larger substrate sizes or just increase production lots while staying in the same family of system types.

In 2007 KDF launched the Ci Cluster tool, which has complimented our growing product line of sputter and etch equipment. KDF has positioned itself to serve a host of markets including Compound Semiconductor, Solar PV Photovoltaic, Flat Panel, Medical Devices, Telecomm, RF Power, Photo mask and a host of other critical military and commercial sputtering applications. KDF is the sole source OEM for the MRC batch product line of equipment. We can help sustain your current equipment or supply new sputtering tools that will take your products into the future. Technology and innovation are KDF's charter, and that is why we are the lead producer of batch inline system's.









KEMSTREAM manufactures innovative and advanced vaporization systems and DLI vaporizers:

• Specially designed for CVD, MOCVD, ALD and all gas phase processes and precursors.

• Able to handle and vaporize most of solid and liquid precursors including low vapour   ressure, thermally labile and viscous ones.

• Working from vacuum to atmospheric pressure.

• With accurate and stable flow delivery.

KEMSTREAM provides Stand alone Injection Heads for Pyrosol and Spray Pyrolysis processes.

KEMSTREAM manufactures liquid panels especially designed for feeding vaporizers with air and moisture sensitive precursors.




说明: KJLC Logo

Kurt J Lesker Company, USA


The Kurt J. Lesker Company® (KJLC®) is a leading global provider of high-quality vacuum products and systems, along with an established tradition of service and attention to detail has built a reputation for being “All Things Vacuum.

The common attribute across the entire company is the relentless and tireless pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction, both in the vacuum products and the services Kurt J. Lesker Company and local/regional partners that provide worldwide.  KJLC takes this responsibility seriously, working at all levels to ensure high quality performance in all our products.

Founded in 1954, KJLC has grown from a regional manufacturer and distributor of vacuum components into today's worldwide marketplace, offering a full range of vacuum parts, products, systems, design technologies, innovative thinking, and responsive customer service. Working with an attentive eye toward quality, environmental stewardship of resources, and customer satisfaction, KJLC serves the research and development market at both the academic and commercial levels, as well as providing vacuum products and services to industry on a global scale.

说明: Click to view Photo-SY-PVD75_3QTR-THUMB.jpg





MTI Corporation, USA.


MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, has now become the leading manufacturer of oxide crystals and substrates in the world.  MTI continues to develop new crystal substrates and maintain high quality of its single crystal substrates. MTI is equipped with the latest state of the art instruments, which allow achievement of the highest standard. We strive continuously to keep pace with customers’ increasing demands on super-smoothness, super-flatness, and super-cleanliness. In 2000, by popular demand, MTI started to manufacture precision bench-top machines for material processing, analysis, and crystal wafer containers.

MTI currently operates three production factories.  This allows for the possibility of providing high quality and low cost precision machines for material research and R&D Labs, including:low speed cutting saw, wire diamond saw, auto polishing machine, high temperature oven, tube furnace, X-Ray crystal orientation machine, and Mini XRD, as well as complete set of equipments for research of rechargeable battery materials. Simple to operate, low cost, and commitment to our customers is our priority. MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for material lab.



Truelok® High Purity Face Seal Fittings, Mini Weld-Micro Weld Fitting, Tube Fittings, High Purity Springless Diaphragm Valves








SVS CORP, Korea :


SVS manufactured and marketed a core fabrication equipment for manufacturing semiconductors, Photo Resist Spin Coater/Developer System. A modular spin system, SX100 has been delivered to manufacturers dealing with MEMS, LED and LD Process and otherwise providers of fine chemicals for semiconductor. By striving to research and develop technology, we promise to be your reliable business partner for high performance and next generation semiconductor & TFT LCD equipments.






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