说明: Feedthroughs


        Electrical Feedthroughs

Power Feedthroughs

Instrumentation Feedthroughs

Thermocouple Feedthroughs

Ceramic Break Feedthroughs

Connectors & Cabling

Part Numbering Systems


        Liquid/Gas Feedthroughs

Liquid/Gas Feedthrough Configurator

Configuration Matrix (Liquid/Gas)

Configuration Matrix (LN2)


        Motion Feedthroughs

Rotary Motion Drives

Linear Positioners

Linear Shifts

Alignment Mechanisms

Sample Transfer Devices

XYZ Manipulators


        Optical Feedthroughs

Flanged Viewports

Fiber-Optics Feedthroughs

Glass-Metal Adapters

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MTI - Tube Furnace

MTI - Tube Furnace

OTF-1600X-III- is a split-able three-zone tube furnace with Kanthal 1650°C grade SiC heating element,  82mm OD Alumina tube •...

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KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

  The 900 Series features dual load lock, in-line, sputter down, batch systems configured with an optional high vacuum load lock and three or four target positions. •...

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