Deposition Materials & Evaporation Sources



Sputter Targets


Pure elements, compounds, alloys, intermetallics and mixtures (elements and /or compound mixed with atomic-weight percentages) . We offer common metals from A to Z and much more.

With purity from 99 to 99.9999%



Pelletcs and Pieces for Evaporation


Pellets & Pieces by unit weight for evaporation use in deposition processes. Size ; 1.5mm to 4mm pieces, 0.125 “ diameter x 0.125” length, 0.250” diameter X 0.250 “ length, etc. With purity from 99 to 99.9999%

Production Materials

Production targets are available for manufacturing industry.  

Target Bonding Materials and Services

We provide indium target bonding services, conductive elastomer target bonding service, copper cup bonding services for regular, circular disc-type sputtering sources.

Evaporation Sources

Thermal Filament Sources, Thermal Boat Sources, Thermal Box Sources, Thermal Rod Sources, Crucibles & Crucible heaters.



  1. Wafers

Si, GaAs, InP, GaP, InSb, InAs, GaSb, GaN Wafers, Germanium, Glass, Quartz, Pyrex, Sapphire, Al, II-VI, ZnSe, ZnO, CdS, CdTe Wfaers, YVO4, TiO2, CaCO3, LiNbO3, LiTaO3 Wafers, SrTiO3, LaAlO3, LSAT, MgO SrLaAlO4 Wafers

  1. Substrates

For superconductivity : Al2o3, LaAlo3, Mgo, SrTio3, Nb:Srtio3,YAIo3, Zro2(Y), etc.
Bicrystals : Al2o3, Mgo, Srtio3, Nb: Srtio3, Zro2
For III-V nitrides : Al2o3, Lialo2, Ligao2, MgAl, ZnO, etc

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MTI - Tube Furnace

MTI - Tube Furnace

OTF-1600X-III- is a split-able three-zone tube furnace with Kanthal 1650°C grade SiC heating element,  82mm OD Alumina tube •...

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KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

KDF - 900 Series (PVD)

  The 900 Series features dual load lock, in-line, sputter down, batch systems configured with an optional high vacuum load lock and three or four target positions. •...

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