UHV Heater Modules

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Lesker UHV Heater Modules

In addition to the complete sample heating solutions offered within the EpiCentre section, Kurt J. Lesker also offers a range of individual heater modules for end users to incorporate within their own heater stage designs. The range provides end users with a cost-effective solution to sample heating, whilst benefiting from a proven heater technology, used within market leading stages.


  • High uniformity heating to 1000°C (1200°C for certain applications)
  • Refractory metal hot zone
  • High performance PgG or PBN coated graphite elements
  • Quartz guard option for element protection

Heater module overview

These heater modules are used in vacuum applications for radiantly heating semiconductor wafers, holder supported samples or various other substrates to high temperatures. The modules feature CVD processed heating elements packaged in refractory metal cases.

The immediate hot zone holding the element is constructed from refractory metals such as molybdenum and tantalum and does not include any ceramics or other materials to compromise performance at high temperature. These modules are therefore particularly suitable for ultra high vacuum applications.

Heater modules are available with type 'C'™ or 'K'™ thermocouples and can be supplied with semiconductor grade 'quartz guards'™ to protect the heater element.


Heater modules are available with type 'C' or 'K' thermocouples and can be supplied with semiconductor grade 'quartz guards' to protect the heater element from mechanical damage (i.e. accidental contact with the sample transfer tool). Type C (Tungsten/Rhenium) thermocouples are provided as standard. For applications in which the use of Tungsten or Rhenium would be undesirable a type K (Chromel/Alumel) thermocouple can be supplied.

Heater Elements

Heating elements are constructed from high quality, high-density graphite, coated with pyrolitic graphite or pyrolitic boron nitride. By virtue of the exceptional thermal coupling of the heat to the substrate and the large radiating surface area (an effect of the high element surface to gap ratio), these elements run at considerably lower temperatures than conventional metal heaters. The typical ratio of element surface to meander gap is 5:1 resulting in excellent substrate heating uniformity, even without rotation.

PgG Elements

Pyrolytic graphite coated Graphite (PgG) elements are the standard type used for the EpiCentre deposition stages. Robustness, reliability, high temperature capability, excellent uniformity and cost are all aspects that make this element desirable.

PBN Elements

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) elements are made from a grown PBN disc with a graphite film etched into an element formation. This is then sealed with a PBN layer to minimize exposure to the system. Two graphite areas remain exposed to the system to enable electrical contact. This design offers robust, long life, lower current heating.





Lesker UHV Heater Modules

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