Slidable Dual Zone PECVD Tube Furnace (80 mm OD) with 4 Channel Gas Delivery & Oil-less Vacuum System - OTF-1200X-80-II-4CV-PE-SL

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Item Number OTF-1200X-80-II-4CV-PE-SL

OTF-1200X-80-II-4CV-PE-SL is a dual zone slidable PE-CVD tube furnace system consists of 500W RF plasma source, 80Dx1600L mm split tube furnace with an integrated slidable rail, 4 channel precision mass flow meter with gas mixing tank, and a high quality oil-less vacuum pump. Such a PE-CVD furnace is a new tool to grow nano-wire or graphene with the following benefits:

  • Lower temperature processing compared to conventional CVD
  • High heating & cooling rate using sliding furnace
  • Dual heating zone to create thermal gradient up to 200ºC
  • 1100ºC Max. working temperature
  • Offers a wide range of material deposition, such as Carbon & ZnO nanowire (or tube) and single layer graphene


Dual Zone Split Tube furnace with Sliding Rail

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  • Max 1100ºC for continuous heating
  • Two programmable precision digital temperature controllers with 30 segments.
  • Two separately controlled Heating Zones:
    High purity quartz tube:
    • 200mm length for each heating zone
    • 400mm total in heating length
    • 250mm constant central temperature heating area if both zones were heated at the same temperature
    • 500ºC max temperature discrepancy between two zone with thermoblocks in between
  • 3.14" (80mm) OD x 2.83" ID x 71'' Length - Standard
    or 2" (50mm) OD x 1.7" ID x 71" Length - Optional
    or 4" (101mm) OD x 2.83" ID x 71'' Length - Optional
  • One pair of vacuum-sealed flange with water cooling jacket and stainless steel needle valves.
  • Input power: 208

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