Programmable Stepper Motor Control Center (PSMCC Series)

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Lesker Programmable Stepper Motor Control Center (PSMCC Series)



The Kurt J. Lesker PSMCC series offers a complete solution for intelligent motion control of stepper motor driven products for up to four axes of motion. The units are provided with user-friendly Microsoft Windows™ based software, offering a multitude of features to accommodate both general and complex motion control requirements.

The complete solution

Stepper motors require an electronic module to accept command signals and interpret these in terms of providing power to the motor. This module is called a driver. Drivers also require a further electronic system with software to compute and execute the required motion profile, interface with other systems, and control the sequence and timing of events. This system is called a controller. The PSMCC series controller combines both the driver and controller with the necessary peripheral components required for an industrial standard, programmable stepper motor control center.

To ensure ‘plug and play’ with all motion & manipulation products, various upgrades are offered including pre-wired bakeable home and limit switches, along with input and motor connectors.

The Kurt J. Lesker PSMCC’s can be used together to provide up to four separate axes of motion, enabling complete motion control solutions to be constructed.

Performance Features

The control centers are each housed in 19 inch rack mounted cases. The front panel features switches for starting a sequence, jogging and an emergency stop. All other control functions are entered through the PSMCC’s software. This Microsoft Windows™ based software package allows the user to set motor current, idle current, step resolution, jogging parameters, limit switch polarity and even defined the units to be used.

The user-friendly software provides an excellent interface to write both simple and complex motion control programs. Once programmed, the center may be disconnected from the PC and on the start command, will execute the downloaded control commands. Software interface examples can be found below.

Ultra-Smooth Motion

A micro-stepping driver is used to ensure smooth motor operation, avoiding the cogging associated with stepper motors. Micro stepping subdivides 1.8° steps (standard motors) with a choice of up to 13 further step resolutions. The highest setting divides each full step in to 254 micro-steps.

Module Configuration

Schematic diagrams for single and multiple axis control systems can be found below. As illustrated, each axis requires a separate control center with corresponding cables. Each can then be fitted with a ‘remote jog’ facility if required. PSMCC control centers can be configured for 110 Vac or 220 Vac.





Lesker Programmable Stepper Motor Control Center (PSMCC Series)


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