PR Coat & Bake (MSX-1000)

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Syskey - PR Coat & Bake (MSX-1000)

PR Coat & Bake (MSX-1000)


MSX1000 is designed for semiconductor and/or its related fabrication process. It's named Modular Spin system that can be applicable for 2" up to 6" wafer, MEMS, LD, OLED process. MSX1000 spin process systems provides various process adaptability, flexibility and high performances for major characteristics of spin system such as coat / develop uniformity, RPM/ACCEL reliability as well as bake temp uniformity, robot handling reliability.  Major benefits of MSX1000 are:

High Coating/Develop Performances

Small Foot Prints

Low Cost of Ownership and Running

Easy Operation & Maintenance guided by Intelligent Software
(GUI, Touch Functions on Windows 2000NT)

Simple Wafer Size Conversion (Automated)

Bar Code and USB connection for SPC

Programmable EBR, Back Rinse as well as Bowl Rinse.


General Specification

Coating Uniformity: <1.0%

Spin RPM: 0 ~ 7000 rpm, Accuracy < ±1.0 rpm

Acceleration: 50,000rpm/sec

Temp Range:???H.P- 50 ~150

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