Pouch Cell Case/Cup Forming Machine for Aluminum-Laminated Films - MSK-120

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MSK-120 is a CE Certified cup forming machine used in the production line of making pouch cell batteries. It is used to prepare polymer cases made of Aluminum Laminated Films. To ensure continuity and compatibility for customer's research, standard die size 85mm(L) x 50mm(W) x 1- 6 mm (adjustable) in depth is included in standard package to directly match the electrodes cut by the MSK-180 electrode cutting machine.



Working Voltage: 110 - 240V AC, single phase

Max. Power Consumption: 2 KW

Air Pressure Requirement: 0.4 - 0.6 MPa (Air Compressor is not included.)

Standard Die Size: 85mm ( L ) x 50mm (W)  x  1- 6 mm(H), which perfectly fits the electrodes cut byMSK-180

Customized Die Size

  • Customized die is charged at an extra $2500 with a delivery time of 4-8 weeks (Please email us for details)
  • Note that the max. die size is 150mm(L) x 120mm(W) x 6mm(H)

Max. Cup Depth to Punch: < 6.0 mm

Max. Punching Pressure: 5 metric tons

Stroke Frequency: < 8 seconds per trial

Aluminum Laminated Film Thickness: 0.11 - 0.20 mm

Product Dimensions: 460mm(L) x 320mm(W) x 925mm(H)

Compliance: CE Certified


  • One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty

Net Weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)




Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / MTI Corporation - Pouch Cell Case/Cup Forming Machine for Aluminum-Laminated Films - MSK-120

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