OSP/Cu Surface Finishes for PCBs

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Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement) – OSP/Cu Surface Finishes for PCBs


Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) is a leading surface finish coating option employed by the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry to protect exposed Copper (Cu) surfaces and features from oxidization prior to populating the PCB.  The OSP surface finish offers excellent solderability, excellent solder joint strength, selective Cu and gold capabilities without requiring masks, lead-free applicability, ease of processing and very low costs compared to the metallic surface finishes.


Filmetrics F42 OSP Measurement System

If OSP coatings are either too thick or too thin the subsequent solder joints may be adversely affected in terms of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.  The Filmetrics F42 OSP thickness measurement system enables non-destructive in-situ OSP thickness measurements on the individual features of real production PCBs.  The ability to target individual Cu features facilitates direct quality control and failure analysis of OSP coatings on actual PCBs.



Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement / Thin Film Measurement ) – OSP/Cu Surface Finishes for PCBs

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