OCTOS - Automated Cluster Tool

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OCTOS®—A fully automated cluster tool for pilot production scale processing of substrates requiring in-vacuum substrate transfer between chambers

Leading display device manufacturers use Kurt J. Lesker OCTOS to advance OLED technologies.

  • Offers exceptional layer thickness uniformity, repeatability, and reliability sought by OLED/PLED and GMR customers alike

Typical Applications

  • OLED/PLED R&D or Production
  • GMR Magnetic Films R&D or Production
  • Photovoltaic R&D or production (PV, OPV)
  • Organic Electronics

Deposition Techniques Available

  • Magnetron Sputtering (RF, DC, or Pulsed DC)
  • Thermal Evaporation, including Metal Inorganic Evaporation
  • Organic Evaporation, including OLED/PLED, organic photovoltaic, organic TFT applications
  • ALD
  • Electron Beam Evaporation/li>

Process Options

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Bias
  • Ion Source for Substrate Cleaning/Assisted Deposition
  • UHV Option


  • Automated entry and exit locks with multi-sample cassette
  • Fully automated robotic sample transfer system
  • Available with up to 6 process chambers for standard HV OCTOS platform
  • Linear Sputtering Chamber – Available with Linear Magnetron Sputter Sources
  • Organic Evaporation Chamber – Available with up to 9 low-temperature organic evaporation sources
  • Metal Evaporation Chamber – Available with up to 4 thermal evaporation sources
  • Reactive Plasma Chamber – Features parallel plate RF etching
  • Mask-Changing Module – 20-mask storage capacity with mask holders


Lesker OCTOS - Automated Cluster Tool

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