NANO 36 - Entry to Mid-Level Deposition System

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  • Lesker most affordable deposition system platform, designed specifically with the entry to mid level user in mind.
  • It showcases our ability to provide the versatility and reliability that the Kurt J. Lesker Company has become known for around the world
  • The NANO 36 is designed to accommodate most evaporation processes, or it can be configured for magnetron sputtering applications
  • The NANO 36 is highly capable, affordable, and has a compact form factor


  • Thermal Evaporation: When equipped with Thermal Baseplate
  • Magnetron Sputtering: When equipped with Torus Sputter sources


  • Adaptable chamber options
  • Compact integrated design
  • High speed diffusion pump(standard)
  • Programmable Logic controller with touch screen interface
  • Film thickness monitor, FTM-2400 or FTC-2800 controller

PLC control

  • This affordable, full feature system offers reliable PLC control with a color touch screen interface
  • Single button commands and manual operation are accessed from the touch screen
  • This offers a simple and convenient user interface with the NANO 36 Deposition System

Multi-technique options

  • 1"-4" Torus® circular magnetron sputtering sources

Film thickness control

  • Evaporation methods are controlled via a quartz crystal sensor in conjunction with a thin film controller
  • The controller offers ease of use and reliability that is necessary to control the most demanding evaporation processes

Thermal Evaporation Source

  • The NANO 36 can be configured with four thermal evaporation sources on the base plate
  • The evaporation sources are sufficiently isolated from each other by shields to prevent cross contamination
  • The sources also are stood off of the base plate of the chamber and are mounted on water cooled posts to limit excess heating of the chamber
  • Thermal sources can be filament, basket heaters, box heaters, boats (coated and uncoated), rods, and screens
  • Easy access to the boats and the mounting posts makes these sources very user friendly
  • The Kurt J. Lesker Company is a global supplier of a larger range of deposition sources and deposition materials
  • The user has control of the entire deposition system through the intuitive and easy to learn PLC


  • Dry Roughing Pump or 300 l/s Turbo Pump
  • Substrate rotation
  • Heating to either 150°C or 350°

Chamber Options

  • Chamber choices are either a simple 12" x 18"Pyrex Glass Bell Jar or a 16"x16" Stainless Steel Box Chamber
  • The box chamber door opens wide for easy chamber access
  • Maintenance of the chamber, source replenishment, and source change out can be performed in a matter of minutes

Flat plate substrate fixture

  • Substrate options include primary rotation and heating up to 350°C with dual quartz lamp heaters
  • The NANO 36 can accommodate up to an 8" diameter substrate mounting plate
  • One single 8" wafer or multiple smaller wafers can be held in place
  • The substrate plate can be easily removed or placed into the system with either a "lift up and out" hub mount or a twist-lock mounting


Lesker NANO 36 - Entry to Mid-Level Deposition System

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