Stub Handling SystemStub Handling System

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Lesker Stub Handling System


The sample transfer stub is compatible with the well known ESCALAB stub system:

  • 316 stainless steel is used for the basic unit
  • Molybdenum stubs are provided when heating and heating/cooling options are selected
  • For the best in cooling with limited heating, copper pucks can be supplied
  • Standard stub sizes of 10mm and 14mm diameter

End Receptors

Provide electrical isolation to 500V for sample current measurement and biasing.


The End Receptors can be provided with an LN2 cooling system, which employs an ingenious Cold Lance design where the LN2 is transmitted through a coaxial tube which is docked into the receptor using an additional spring-loaded Z-shift. This has the advantage of being able to provide continuous polar rotation when disconnected and removes the need for coiled cooling pipes. When disengaged, heat loss to the cooling circuit is eliminated improving heating performance.

K-type thermocouples are normally supplied unless there is a need for very low residual magnetic fields, in which case Type N would be preferred.


For heating, a tantalum wire heater is installed in the End Receptor which can heat the sample to 800C.

Sample Transfer

Sample transfer from an entry lock is accomplished using a PowerProbe magnetic transfer arm along with a wobble stick.





Lesker Stub Handling System


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