Multi-Position Tube Furnace 1100C ( 1- 2" Dia) with 12" Heating Zone & 30 Segments Controller, GSL-1100X-NT-UL

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Part Number: GSL-1100X-NT-UL


GSL-1100X-NT is a CE certified compact tube furnace (1~2" diameter) designed for firing small samples up to 1100oC.  Built-in precision temperature controller can program up to 30 segments of heating rate, dwell time and cooling rate.  The furnace can be set up in both vertical and horizontal positions to meet various applications such as firing sample, VLS, CVD and quenching test.  Set the furnace horizontally or at an angle to grow electronic crystals for semiconductor industry use or rotate it vertically for sintering applications.

This version does not include the Stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves, vacuum pressure gauge and quartz tube.



Furnace Structure

  • Energy saving high purity Al2O3 fibrous insulation liner
  • Stainless steel shell with adjustable height
  • Adjust three knobs on the back to flexibly change the furnace's vertical position within travel distance (from control box plateform to lower end of the chamber): 4.5'' ~ 12'' (without hanger and supporter)
  • Multiple configurations for various thermal processing needs    
Muti-position adjustable    Using as a Vertical muffle furnace    Fixing Knobs for Position Adjustment

Current Rating

15 Amps

Power 1500W


AC 110V Single Phase or AC 220V Single Phase can be selected in option bar 

Working Temperature

  • Max. Temperature: 1100 °C (< 1 hr)
  • Continuous working temperature: 1000 °C

Heating Rate

Max. Heating Rate: 20 °C /min
Temperature Distribution            
Heating Zone
  • Heating Zone Length: 12" (300mm)
  • Constant Temperature Zone: 3.1" (80mm)

Temperature Controller

  • PID automatic control and auto-tune function.
  • 30 programmable segments for precise process
  • Built in protection for over-heated and broken Thermal couple. 
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 °C
  • K type thermal couple 
Heating Elements Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo
Processing Tube (Sold Separately) & Tube Adapter
Two choices of quartz tubes: 25 ODx22 IDx 450 L (mm) quartz tube or 50 ODx44 IDx 450 L (mm) quartz tube .
  • The furnace chamber is designed to adopt 2" O.D quartz tube, we also include a 2''-1" tube adaptor which allows the 1'' O.D tube be fit on the furnace.
  • Fibrous ceramic tube blocks can be used for blocking heat radiation generated from tube center. (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating).
  • Quartz blocks (optional) are ideal for cleaner processing environment and higher vacuum efficiency.

               click here to choose a crucible

Vacuum Flange (Sold Separately)
Two choices of stainless steel flanges with vacuum gauge and valves
  • 2" flange with 1/4'' tube feedthrough port to insert 1/4" thermocouple´╝łclick bottom right picture to see details )
  • 1" flange has no thermocouple insert ( click bottom left picture to see details )
       1" Flange Set             2" Flange Set     


Fitting Ports (Sold Separately)
  • Both flanges will come standard with 3/8" barbed hose fittings
  • In order to increase the throughput and achieve a high vacuum, you may replace the standard barbed hose fitting with theKF25 adapter.
  • For supplying high pressure gas, you may replace the standard barbed hose fitting with the 304SS 1/4" Swagelok® Tube Fitting x 1/4" BSPP Male Connector.

Vacuum Pressure

  • Limited by vacuum pump
    • 50 mtorr can be achieved by mechanical pump
    • 10^-5 torr can be reached by molecular pump

Digital Pressure Gauge(optional)

A gas-type indenpendent (above 10mbar) digital vacuum gauge with wide range between 3.8x10-5 to 1125 Torr. Aside from greater measurement precision, this gauge reduces risks of chamber explosions caused by incorrect reading of gas pressures due to gas-type dependency. (Please click picture below for details)


260mm(L) x 380mm(W) x 400mm(H) (Click here for details)

Shipping Package Dimensions

40"(L) x 30"(W) x 30"(H)

Shipping Weight

80 lbs


One year limited warranty with lifetime support.
  • CE Certified
  • All electric parts are UL / MET / CSA certified
  • The furnace is ready to pass UL or CSA certification (UL61010 or SPE1000) on customer side at customer cost.

Application Notes

Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator

  • Tube furnaces with quartz tubes are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.2 bar / 3 psi / 0.02 MPa
  • Attention: A two stage pressure regulator must be installed on gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation. Click here to learn the installation of a gas regulator.
  • Vacuum limit definition for all quartz tube furnaces: * Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°C
  • The flow rate for gases should be limited to<200 SCCM (or 200ml/min) for reducing thermal shocks to the tube
  • Please click here to see our typical temperature profile calibration results at various temperatures.  
  • In order obtain accurate temperature inside tube furnace, please click here to learn how to calibrate the temperature on your own.
  • How to set up ceramic tube and vacuum flange for MTI tube furnaces.




PREMIER SOLUTIONS PTE LTD / MTI CORPORATION -Multi-Position Tube Furnace 1100C ( 1- 2" Dia) with 12" Heating Zone & 30 Segments Controller, GSL-1100X-NT-UL

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