Molecular Sieve Foreline Traps (Angle Style)

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Lesker Molecular Sieve Foreline Traps (Angle Style)

What Molecular Sieve Element Traps Do

  • Zeolite desiccant removes hydrocarbons that backstream toward the chamber when the mechanical pump oil reaches its vapor pressure
  • Trap water vapor and other gases before they reach the mechanical pump and contaminate the pump oil
  • Can reduce the frequency of oil changes by a significant amount

Design Features

  • Use a split-housing design for ease of maintenance and zeolite replacement
  • Sieve material rests in a suspended basket fabricated from perforated 304 stainless steel, offering maximum conductance
  • Suspended basket provides the conductance to the sieve at the top of the basket as well as around the periphery
  • Mid-basket baffle causes the gas to enter one-half of the basket and to exit the other half


  • Appropriate charge of sieve material (1/8" zeolite pellets)
  • 4" comes with (1) 1-lb. can; 6" comes with (2) 1-lb. cans
  • Integral 110 VAC or 220 VAC regeneration heater
  • Clip holds heater in place enabling the mounting of traps in any orientation

About the Heater

  • 4" diameter trap heater rates at 120V, 125W; 6" at 120V, 230W

To Replace the Sieve

  • Remove trap end containing the heater and then remove nut at the end of basket
  • Dump the old sieve
  • Replace with new sieve and then attach the basket end plate

NOTE : When unable to achieve base pressure, the operator should regenerate the sieve by turning on the heater for a few hours and running the mechanical pump with its ballast valve open. The frequency and duration of sieve regeneration depends on the kind and amount of gas(es) produced by the particular application.




Lesker Molecular Sieve Foreline Traps (Angle Style)

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