MKS 651 Controller for Conductance Control Valves

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  • Compatible with all MKS Instruments throttle valves and Baratron® pressure transducers


  • Self-tuning control that automatically sets all factors
  • New algorithm that gives fast, precise, repeatable pressure control
  • RS-232, analog, or TTL interface for communicating with host systems
  • Adjustable soft-start that opens valve slowly to reduce turbulence
  • Two relays to indicate out-of-limits conditions
  • MTBF analysis and STRIFE-test to ensure a robust, reliable design
  • All controls are easily programmed from the front panel or remotely through RS-232, TTL, or analog voltage
  • Local/remote override is by a front panel key switch
  • LCD readout shows valve position and displays pressure in units of torr, mtorr, mbar, cmH2O, in H2O, μbar, kPa, or Pascal
  • Five re-programmable set-points provide pressure or position control
  • Local, and remote, selectable open, close, and stop functions enable system setup and diagnostics


Lesker MKS 651 Controller for Conductance Control Valves


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