Fast-Entry Doors

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Enable quick and convenient access into vacuum vessels, such as process chambers and load locks.


  • Offered in a wide range of UHV flange sizes, with or without viewport glass
  • Precision-hinged doors seal with a fluorocarbon o-ring
  • Lesker unique counter-bored mounting bolt design enables a maximum diameter opening through the door (order appropriate socket head bolt sets and kits below)
  • Viewport glass is sealed with an o-ring and is easily removed for cleaning or replacement
  • Threaded knob is engaged to keep door closed during pumpdown
  • Comes standard with Borosilicate viewport glass. Replacement Quartz glass available.


  • It is recommended the knob be disengaged during the vent cycle to prevent over-pressurization of the vessel


Dimensional Drawing


Lesker Fast-Entry Doors

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