F70 System

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The Filmetrics F70s are general-purpose thickness measurement instruments that are capable of measuring thicknesses up to 13mm. Common applications include glass and plastic sheets, lenses, and containers and semiconductor wafers.  The basic Filmetrics F70 is designed to measure transparent materials while the Filmetrics F70-NIR measures semiconductor materials. The thickness range is determined by the lens and software options



Each Filmetrics F70 model includes everything listed below


Integrated Spectrometer/Light Source Unit


FILMeasure 6.0 software


FILMeasure standalone software for remote data analysis


Spare TH-1 lamp




In addition, each Filmetrics F70 includes these Filmetrics advantage


Hardware upgrade program


Common Optional Accessories:


Laptop computer pre-loaded with FILMeasure software


Carrying case






Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Filmetrics F70 System thin film measurement / thickness measurement


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