EVP Series

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Power supply suited for basic thermal evaporation. Outputs up to 4kW. Contact us for higher power requirements.

The EVP Series is configured for use in conjunction with a step-down transformer to provide superior, high-current, low-voltage control of most resistive thermal evaporation sources. Front panel controls include manual output control via a potentiometer and an LED level meter that displays percentage of output power or current.


  • Phase-angle fired, SCR controller with soft-start
  • 0–100% adjustable voltage/power output
  • Over-current trip response within 10 ms of event
  • Near 1 second ramp-up of SCR control signal reduces cold start surge
  • Local and remote setpoint control
  • Bar graph display on front panel shows level of control signal to SCR
  • Optional RS-232 interface for remote PID control
  • BNC connector allows the user to directly connect the internal SCR setpoint to an external controller (INFICON or Sigma, for example) for closed loop rate control applications


  • All EVP Series power supplies requires a step-down transformer. Cables sold separately below.
  • See the Materials Deposition Table for important vapor pressure and temperature information for the material you wish to deposit.
  • Remote User Interface: Provides the user with PLC-type remote control of the power supply (i.e. on/off, remote setpoint and feedback). The remote setpoint on this connector is identical to the Source/Rate input signal. The remote off signal on this connector works in series with the front panel remote off switch, while the remote on signal works in parallel with front panel switch.
  • Rating is for power supply only and does not include step-down transformer.


Lesker EVP Series

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