Evaporation Sources

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Premier Solutions Pte Ltd is distributing Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC) range of evaporation sources.  The title Evaporation Sources cover products as divergent as resistance heated boats, laser ablation target carrousels, crucibles for electron beam sources, indirectly heated effusion cells, and low temperature evaporation sources specifically design for OLED / PLED coating applications in flat panel display manufacture.

Premier Solutions Pte Ltd stock many evaporation sources per list indicated. Do contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you don't see the evaporation source you want, we will be glad to help.  Some of the evaporation sources is listed as follows:

Thermal Filament Sources

  • Point and Loop Heaters


Tungsten Double Loop Source

Tungsten Single Loop Source

Tungsten Point Source



6 Coils

4 Coils

1 Point

3 Point

1 Loop

  • Coil Heaters

EVF 1-4

EVF 5-8

EVF 9-12

EVF 13-17

  • Basket Heaters

EVB 1-6

EVB 7-11


Alumina Coated Basket Heaters

  • Spiral Heaters

Spiral & Serpentine Area Heaters



Thermal Boat Sources

  • Boat Heaters


Top-Hat Trough Boat

Narrowed Trough Boat

Narrow Flat Trough

Long Trough

Flat Trough

Flat Wide Trough

Thin Trough

Thin Long Trough

Inverted Top-Hat Trough

Inverted Top-Hat Long Trough

Pan Trough Boat


Dimple Boat

Double Dimple

Top-Hat Dimple

Inverted Top-Hat Dimple


Notched Boat Heater

Notched Dimple

Notched Pan Dimple

Deep Cup Evaporation Boat


Canoe Boat with Hole (EVS 5)

Canoe Boat with Vertical Leads, Baffled Wall (EVS 12)

Canoe Boat with Horizontal Leads (EVS 13)

Canoe Boat with Vertical Leads, Straight Wall (EVS 14)

Canoe Boat with Vertical Leads, Shortened Trough (EVS 15)

Canoe Boat - Microelectronics (EVS 16)

Canoe Boat with Horizontal Leads, Shortened Trough (EVS 27)


Enclosed Boat with Hole (EVS 17)

Covered Boat with Holes, 2 Pieces

Wrapped/Covered Boat (EVS24 with 0.005" Ta Overwrap to Seal)

Baffle Insert for EVS25 and EVS26 Boats


Slab Heater

Flat Boat

Wide Dish Boat

Top-Hat Wide Dish Boat

Inverted Top-Hat Wide Dish Boat


Well Boat

Inverted Top-Hat Deep Well Boat

Inverted Top-Hat Well Boat

Tube Heater/Crucible Heater

Closed End Tube Heater (1/4" I.D.)

Crucible Heater Bowl (for EVC1 and EVC9 Crucibles)

Elongated Dimple Boat (1cc Vol.)

  • Alumina-Coated Boater Heater

Narrow Trough Top-Hat Boat

Inverted Top-Hat Trough Boat

Notched Long Trough Boat

Flat Trough Boat

Long Trough Boat

Top-Hat Trough Boat

Double-Step Top-Hat Trough Boat

Inverted Top-Hat Dimpled Boat

Dimpled Boat

Dimpled Wide Boat

Notched Dimple Boat

Deep-Dimple Boat

  • Boat Heaters for Microelectronics

Alumina Coated Boats


Notched Dimple Boat

Thin Trough Boat

Canoe Boat

Notched Trough Boat

Covered Boats


Thermal Box Sources

Tantalum Box Heaters

Tantalum Box Heaters for Microelectronics

SiO Baffled Box Heaters

Baffled Box Heaters (Al2O3 Coated)


Thermal Rod Sources

Chrome-Plated Tungsten Rods

Tungsten Rods


Crucible and Crucibles Heaters

  • Crucibles for Thermal Sources

Aluminum Oxide Crucible

Quartz Crucible

Boron Nitride Crucible

Tantalum Crucible

Molybdenum Crucible

Carbon Crucible

Intermetallic Crucibles

  • Crucibles Liners for E-Beam Sources

Reference Table

Graphite Crucibles

FABMATE Crucibles

Intermetallic Crucibles (BN-TiB2)

Aluminum Oxide Crucibles (Al2O3)

Molybdenum Crucibles (Mo)

Copper Crucibles (Cu)

Tungsten Crucibles (W)

Boron Nitride Crucibles (BN)

  • Crucible Box Heaters

  • Crucible Basket Heaters

  • Crucible Heater Bowl (for EVC1 and EVC9 Crucibles)


Lesker Evaporation Sources

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