Electromagnetic Al Angled Block Valves (KF flanged)

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Recommended for rough and high vacuum environments.

  • Can be used down to pressures of less than 1 x 10-9 torr
  • Bakeable to 100° C
  • Leak rate through the main valve seal is tested at less than <1 x 10-9 std cc/sec. with helium during manufacture
  • Available with manual, pneumatic, and electromagnetic actuators

Electromagnetically actuated valves

  • Feature a double-wound coil combined with an electronic switching circuit, ensuring low power consumption and operating temperature while prolonging cycle life
  • Includes twin reed switch to indicate open or closed position of the valve
  • Circuit is fused to protect against surges and transient low voltage spikes
  • Sealed grease-free bellows minimizes valve maintenance and enables operational reliability to 500,000 cycles for the larger flange sizes (130,000 cycles for KF25 and smaller)



Lesker Electromagnetic Al Angled Block Valves (KF flanged)


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