Dual Axis PowerProbe (DAP Series)

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Lesker Dual Axis PowerProbe (DAP Series)


Magnetically Coupled Sample Transfer Drives

  • Professional-grade transfer tools for linear or combined linear and rotary motion for UHV applications

Five models available

  • Linear PowerProbe — for guided, smooth, linear motion only
  • PowerProbe — for combined linear and rotary motion
  • Axis Selected PowerProbe — functions as the PowerProbe, but allows the axis of rotation to be fixed
  • Elevating PowerProbe for linear motion and vertical lift of the end effector
  • Dual Axis PowerProbe for linear motion and rotary motion of a second internal shaft

Elevating PowerProbe Features

The Dual Axis PowerProbe has two concentric output shafts providing independent axes of motion. The outer tubular shaft has linear only motion provided by the linear PowerProbe magnetic coupling. The inner shaft has independent rotary motion provided by the PowerProbe rotary coupling. Both motions are driven with a single thimble allowing concurrent actuation of both the linear & rotary axes.

This PowerProbe is ideally suited to systems where a secondary rotary motion, such as for a sample locking mechanism, would be desirable.

The internal linear guidance system prevents rotary motion of the main shaft, thus removing the need for external guide bars.

  • Linear Primary Motion
  • Secondary Internal Rotating Shaft
  • 10x the Thrust, 4x the Torque of Conventional Probes
  • Fully Bakeable to 250°C
  • Retracted Switch Options
  • Adjustable Stop Collar

NOTE: * Maximum recommended internal load carrying capacity will be a function of probe extension, but we recommend not to exceed a moment of 50 Nm.



Lesker Dual Axis PowerProbe (DAP Series)

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