Compact RTP Furnace with 4" Quartz Tube & Digital Vacuum Gauge up to 1100ºC - OTF-1200X-4-RTP

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Item Number: OTF-1200X-4-RTP

OTF-1200X-4-RTP is a CE certified compact rapid thermal processing tube furnace with a 4" I.D. processing quartz tube and vacuum flanges. It is designed for annealing semiconductor wafers or solar cells with diameters up to 3". OTF-1200X-4-RTP is heated by 8 units of 1KW halogen light with a max. heating rate of 50ºC/second. 30 segment precision temperature controller with +/-1ºC accuracy is built into the furnace to allow for heating, dwelling, and cooling at various steps. RS485 port and control software are included to make monitoring the temperature profile via PC while simultaneously running furnace possible.


Furnace Structure

  • Double layer steel casing with air cooling keeps furnace surface temperature lower than 60°C.
  • High purity fibrous alumina insulation for maximum energy saving.

Power Input

208-240 AC, 50/60 Hz single phase, 9 KW Max. (> 60A breaker required)

Heating Elements

  • 8 pcs 1Kw Halogen light tube, ( Dia. =10mm, L=300mm, Heated Length =200mm)
  • Standard working life : 2000 hrs. ( depends on heating rate )

Heating Zone

12" length with 4" constant temperature zone within +/-5ºC uniformity

Working Temperature

1100ºC Max.

Max. Heating Rate

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