Compact PECVD System with 3" Quartz Chamber up to 400°C - GSL-1100X-PECVD

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Item Number: GSL-1100X-PECVD


This is a miniature PECVD furnace with 3" diameter x 16" L quartz chamber, internal heating coil, two channel gas mixing and vacuum pump.  The completed system is placed on mobile cart for easy operation . The sample heating zone of plasma furnace can be heated to 400°C via a programmable temperature controller for the research of various film depositions.

Plasma Generator

  • Plasma Generator Power:                   115V  or 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, < 100W
  • Output Frequency:                               13.56 MHz
  • Three RF power levels:                        7.2W. 10.5W and 18W selectable
  • Chamber size:                                      quartz tube,  3"OD x 2.7"ID x 16" Length
  • Stainless steel flange on two ends of quartz tube, which allow vacuum up to 10^-2 torr by mechanical pump
  • Sample will be placed inside quartz tube and back of plasma generator. See drawing below to review structure
Slidable Flange
  • The sliding flange is installed on the mobile table for easy loading and unloading the sample.
  • The sample can be placed inside the heating coil in order to get efficient heating process and ideal uniformity. Please click the pic for details.
Heater Coil & Temperature Controller
  • One 50mm OD x 40mm ID x 70mm coil heater is located on the side sliding , which can heat sample up to 400°C
  • One quartz tube of 2" ID x 75mm L shall be covered the coil heater to reduce heating loss
  • One high purity alumina boat (50L x 20W x 20H mm ) is included, and Sample can beplaced inside alumina boat
  • 30 segments programmable digital temperature controller is located on bottom of plasma generator with +/-1ºC accuracy
    Heater Power requirement:
  • Power Requirement:            AC 220V, 500W Max
Coil heater Quartz protective tube Temp. Controller Alumina boat
Two Channels Gas Flow Controller
Two Floating Flow-meter with flow rate range from 10 to 100 mL/min
Three Mechanical Pressure Gauge (mixing tank): -0.1-0.15 MPa, (0.01 MPa/grit)
Vacuum needle valves made of SS304
Three Pipe fittings for 1/4" pipe (nylon or stainless steel)
Compact size:  340Lx300Dx 180H, mm    ( 13.4"x12"x7").
Net:  Weight: 14 lbs.
No power required
Vacuum and gas fittings
The standard vacuum accessories include: 
  • A pair of 3" flange with KF-25 pump connector, one 1/4" swagelok tube connector and two needle valves
  • Two KF-25 vacuum bellows (1meter Length) and three KF-25 quick clamps
  • Note:
    1. Many inert gases can be chosen for plasma, such as N2, Ar, Air and Mixed gas depended on what kind material will be treated . (not included in the package)
    2. No flammable gas shall be used for the plasma generator
    3. You shall adjust chamber pressure and gas flowing rate to ensure plasma glowing to reach sample area in back of tube
Vacuum Pump
One Double Step Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (110V, 226 L/m) with Exhaust Filter & KF-D25 Inlet -  with KFD25 adapter and 600mm length stainless steel pipe and high quality filter are included
Ultimate total pressure of 30 mTorr or less
Heavy duty Mobile cart
One 600L x 600W x 600H, mm two shelves heavy duty mobile cart is included.
CVD system is placed on top of the cart
Plasma Generator:  8.5" H x 10" W x 8" D
Temperature Controller:  4"H x 10"W x 8"D
Mobile table and flange: 600 x 600 x 1000mm
Shipping package:  16" x 16"  x 28"
70 lb (include vacuum pump)
One year limited (no warranty for the quartz tube)
CE Certified
The tube furnaces with quartz tube are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.12 MPa (absolute pressure)


Operation Manual





Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / MTI Corporation - Compact PECVD System with 3" Quartz Chamber up to 400°C - GSL-1100X-PECVD


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