Coatings in Biomedical Device

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Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement) – Coatings in Biomedical Device


There are many types of coatings used in the manufacturing and preparation of biomedical devices. Some coatings protect the device from corrosion while others protect from complications such as tissue trauma, infection, or even rejection. Drug delivery coatings are also becoming common. Other biomedical devices, including angioplasty balloons, are freestanding membranes that must be of uniform and fixed thickness in order to function properly.

Thickness measurement methods of these coatings vary, but one thing is certain - the most commonly used methods (such as weighing a part before and after coating) do not detect incomplete coverage or coating non-uniformities that can lead to device failure.


The Filmetrics Advantage

Filmetrics offers a broad range of solutions for measuring coated biomedical devices:

·         Stents: The small coated-areas of stents usually require a microscope based instructment.  Filmetrics F40 is used in dozens of labs to measure thickness of passivation and/or drugy-delivery coatings.  A special stent fixture for convenient rotational positioning during measurement if available.

·         Impants: Irregularly-shaped surfaces are generally the only challenge when measuring coatings on implants. Filmetrics has a full line of probes for this application

·         Guide Wires & Needles: Like stents, these devices often benefit from microscope-based instruments such as the F40. Two-dimensional mapping of thickness over microscopic areas is possible with the Filmetrics F-42

·         Catheter and Angioplasty Balloon Wall Thickness:  Thickness greater that 100 microns and visible-spectrum opacity both mean that the Filmetrics F20-NIR is the preferred instrument for this application in large number of labs worldwide.



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