CF Flanged Zero Length Exotic Glass Viewports

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Lesker - CF Flanged Zero Length Exotic Glass Viewports



CF Flanged Exotic Glass Viewports Features:

  • Built from the highest-quality materials to UHV standards
  • Compatible with vacuum systems capable of reaching UHV levels
  • Viewports should be sealed with fully annealed copper gaskets to reduce induced strain
  • If the process deposits material, Kurt J.Lesker / Premier Solutions strongly recommend a viewport shutter because deposits can damage and impair the optical properties of the lens.

Exotic Glass Features:

  • Leak Rate <2x10-10 atm cc/sec He
  • Parallelism <3 Arc Minutes
  • 304L Stainless Steel Flange
  • λ/4 @ 632nm Transmitted Wavefront

NOTE: All viewports are fragile and should be handled and mounted with extreme caution. CF flanged viewports require a fully annealed copper gasket. Never scratch the viewing area-a weakened viewport may implode (or explode under wrong conditions). Make sure the "glass" chosen has a reasonable transmission at the wavelengths of interest. And remember, what is not transmitted may be reflected or absorbed.


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Premier Solutions Pte Ltd / Lesker CF Flanged Zero Length Exotic Glass Viewports

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