Amorphous & Polysilicon

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Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement) - Amorphous & Polysilicon


Elemental silicon can exist in amorphous and crystalline form, and in between these two extremes as partially-crystallized silicon. The partially-crystallized form is often called polycrystalline silicon, or polysilicon for short.

The optical constants (n and k) of amorphous and polysilicon are unique to the deposition conditions and must be measured for an accurate thickness measurement. Roughness and possible grading of the silicon film crystallinity must also be taken into account and be measured along with thickness.

Filmetrics instruments include sophisticated thickness measurement routines that simultaneously measure and report each of the required silicon film parameters, all with a single mouse click.



Premier Solutions / Filmetrics Applications (Thickness Measurement / Thin Film Measurement ) - Amorphous & Polysilicon

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