3 Rotary Target Plasma Sputter Coater with Vacuum Pump & Three Targets ( Au, Cu, Al), 2" Max Sample - GSL-1100X-SPC16-3-220

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GSL1100X-SPC16-3-220 is CE certified compact plasma sputtering coating machine with three rotatable target holders. It can coat one sample up to 50 mm diameter with 1- 3 type of metallic materials. Three sputtering target, Gold, Aluminum, Copper, vacuum pump, stainless steel bellows with KFD25 adapter & clamps and vapor trap are included for immediate use.


Input Voltage: 220V , 50/60 Hz

Input Power: < 2000W (including pump)

Output Voltage (DC): 1600V

Specimen chamber: Fused glass tube, 160 mm Dia. x 120mm Height

Specimen stage

· One 50 mm Dia. sample stage, which can be rated manually in three positions

· Max. coating area: 45 mm

Accessories included

· 120 L/m Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (external ) with Pirani gauge

· Vapor trap prevent back streaming of oil into the vacuum chamber

· Stainless steel bellows with KFD-25 adapter and clamps

· High purity gold foil target

· The system requires a Ar gas tank with pressure regulator which is not included

Gas atmosphere: One needle valve installed to allow Ar gas flow to achieve better plasma coating


· Targets within standard package:

o Au target: 47 mm dia. x 0.12 mm, 1pcs

o Cu target: 47 mm dia. x 2.25 mm, 1pcs

o Al target: 47 mm dia. x 3mm, 1pcs

  • Optional targets:

o Pt target (47mm dia.x0.12mm, 4N)

o Ag target (47 mm dia. x 0.5mm, 4N)

o Graphite target (47mm dia.x 1.0 mm, 4N)

Overall Dimensions: 400mm × 300mm × 400mm

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